Apple Mail and Gmail not authenticating

Starting a few days ago I have not been able to access my Gmail email account. The error I get is "Unable to verify account name or password:.

The account name and password work fine if I access it via Safari so it must be an issue with Apple Mail or Google.

I previously set Gmail to accept “less secure apps” however it appears that Google has deprecated this feature.

macOS Mojave
Apple Mail Version 12.4 (3445.104.21)

Is Google no longer accepting this version of Apple Mail?

Edit: This is odd. If am logged in to Gmail via a web browser then Apple Mail authenticates and works. If I am not logged in via browser, Apple Mail fails.

Yes, I believe they have. You can no longer connect using username/password - Mail now has to connect using oAuth.

Probably the best thing to do is remove the account and then add again in the Internet Accounts pane of System Preferences.

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I removed the account (and it deleted emails – but nothing important) then re-added it. So far, so good.

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