Apple ID password requested multiple times

Over the past couple of days I’ve been getting repeated requests from my appletv and iPhone requesting me to re enter my Apple ID password. I can understand one request in each device, but the fact that it doesn’t stick has me worried. Am I alone, or is this something anyone else has heard reported?

I would go log on to the iCloud web site and check your account settings to make sure there are not unexpected devices authorized for your account.

If it looks good, try rebooting your devices. Sometimes they get into a funky state where they lose the login credentials.

If that fails, wait a day or two. Apple’s servers sometimes get into a state where they forget your logins (or even reject them). They usually get fixed a few hours later.

If the problem is persisting across restarts and has lasted for a few days, then contact Apple support.


Good advice from David nothing to get in a panic about it all works out irritating I know.