Apple ID password change required

Friday I logged into my iCloud account because I wanted to modify the rules I use for Mail. Immediately upon login I was presented with this screen view

I could NOT bypass this requirement. (cancel didn’t work). My AppleID PSW met / exceeded the guidance

After a couple of days of checking around I finally gave in and created a new AppleID PSW. I was able to change the Rules I wanted but now I haave to remember a new password. This is one of the few that Joe Kissell says has to be remembered

Finally to my question. Has Mother Apple completely turned over its company to the security nuts that I had to deal with in my working like requreing PSW changes every 3 months?

Incidentally, while I have my AppleID data stored in 1Password, there was no automatic process to change the records

A suggestion for this situation is to edit the login password in 1Password followed by copy and paste to the password change form.

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Thanks. I did that. Just was commenting that 1PSW wasn’t monitoring the change

prolly obvious but have to ask - do you use flash? I have been presented with dialogues similar to that but were spoofs of the pages created to gain access to your account - if you find that your locked out and your purchases for albums or movies etc goes up you likely would have a identity theft claim but it can take years to recover from that - I hope you don’t use flash but it took me several weeks to stop the pop ups and get my browser (safari) back to working the way it should after deleting all instances of flash - there are other ways that can be done without your knowledge but I guess I am paranoid having identity theft issues sucks - monitor your account and or change everything again thru another browser and or get rid of flash first - disregard if your sure what you did was legitimate!

Thanks for your suggestion I don’t use Flash, never had it installed

The purpose of my posting was to ask if anyone had noticed that Apple might be incorporating a “change your password on a schedule” requirement
Wouldn’t surprise me but I don’t like it

I have not had to change my password and haven’t heard of issue you have brought forth due to your pop up which I have not seen - perhaps apple thought you were making a mistake or something and did it - cant say for sure but I certainly wouldn’t like it either - too many to remember already to be bothered but - it wouldn’t surprise me if they did! Security and all ya know! LoL