Apple HomeKit and Matter compatibility?

I’ve not seen any references to mixing Apple HomeKit and Matter on the same network and was wondering if there would be any issues?

Asking this because I am still dealing with Sonos version 1 and version 2 issues. Fortunately people like myself made a big enough stink so that all my Sonos version 1 devices are still working. I am just missing out some new features but at least all my Sonos devices still work nicely.

Apple is busy adding Matter support so in theory it should all just work eventually, but I would recommend against going all in on it just yet. @julio is working on an article about it and has been having some problems, and Apple just fixed a bug that rendered Matter thermostats unresponsive after being added to Apple Home.

Good news: HomeKit supports Matter out of the box. You can add a Matter device just as you would any HomeKit advice.

Bad news: It’s incredibly unreliable. HomeKit can’t talk to my Meross Matter SmartPlug now and I have no idea how to fix it.

There are some other hitches as well that I document in Take Control of Apple Home Automation.

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My concern is that future versions of Homekit will drop support for some existing devices that work reasonably well. I am thinking original Homepods as Home Hubs and some of the older power outlets, lights and locks. I would hate to have to replace these due to a Homekit update.
The writing is on the wall with iPads no longer able to be used as a Home Hub.