Apple Font Panel - Symbol definitions

Hi all,

Since the Fonts Panel doesn’t have mouse-over descriptions, I’d absolutely love it if someone would please point me to a web page or a document that defines what all of the various symbols are on the Fonts Panel. I’ve been trying to figure it out for years, and have only had minimal luck. For me, it’s now more important than ever with the introduction of Dark Mode, and my need to clip and modify web text.


Each font will contain its own set of symbols, so I’m guessing you’re looking for definitions of Apple system fonts. There’s a good “Overview” here:

If you are searching for a particular symbol, it’s best to use the Keyboard Viewer, and there were two excellent articles in TidBITS a few years ago:

And this article about character and keyboard viewer:

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No, I’m actually literally looking for what each of those little symbols in screenshot mean, to the right of the dropdown. One is underline, then strikethrough, followed by ???


Here you go:


Pardon my ignorance, but where do I find the symbols under discussion? Below the symbol bar, the app Font Book looks somewhat like the image in Adam’s response, but I don’t see the symbols that TallTrees is asking about. Is “Font Panel” different from Font Book?

On a less important note, my life would probably be much more interesting if I had a font family named Girls are Weird.

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This is the Fonts panel that appears in apps like Pages and TextEdit when you choose Format > Fonts > Show Fonts or hit Command-T. It’s the system-wide font picker (Font Book is the Mac’s font management utility). And for your font pleasure, here’s what Girls Are Weird looks like. I have no idea where I got it, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a chance to use it.

It’s free and it’s here:

Thanks, Adam, for the location of the panel and the font sample. Probably you now have an idea how infrequently I modify the font in documents.

Thanks, MMTalker, but I’m worried that I misled you. While my life would probably be more interesting if I had a font family named Girls are Weird, I strive for a boring life. Seeing what Adam posted was enough excitement for one day.

@ace, Thanks Adam! Where did you find this? Or did you simply create it yourself?

I just made it quickly in Preview. Should have bordered the screenshot before I started. :slight_smile:

Adam, that’s very cool how the arrows curve. I’d never seen that before. Thanks for throwing that together, as it’s very helpful!


Preview has surprisingly powerful tools—it’s the reason Josh and I wrote Take Control of Preview. I use it for the vast majority of my graphics work. :slight_smile: