Apple Fitness+ Adds Workouts for Older Adults and Pregnant Women

Originally published at: Apple Fitness+ Adds Workouts for Older Adults and Pregnant Women - TidBITS

Apple Fitness+ is getting new workouts for beginners, older adults, and pregnant women, as well as a new trainer and an Earth Day-themed episode of Time to Walk with Jane Fonda.

I’ve really liked Fitness+ thus far. It is friendly, inclusive (people from all sorts of backgrounds, they use some sign language, they sometimes speak Spanish or Tagalog or perhaps other things, and there’s Amir, a trainer with an artificial leg, a pregnant trainer, etc), they are au courant re Black History Month or Intl Women’s Day, and there is just a never-ending variety of workouts, which is key for me to not get bored with it all. I am 60 and have not found the workouts too hard—all you need to do is modify as they suggest if/when necessary. I hope they will be clear about the new “easier” workouts because I don’t think I’ll want to do those. I have really enjoyed the variety, and probably do about 8-10 workouts per week in HIIT, Strength, Core, and sometimes Cool Down (although I can cool down without assistance, so…) What I’ve most liked is the upbeat friendly attitudes, the current music, the variety, and just how darned easy it is to actually do the workouts. I use my phone to access and stream to my Apple TV. So easy! I am a big fan, and I’ve NEVER loved working out… just really impressed!

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