Apple Expands Its Repair Partnership with Best Buy

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Apple has expanded its repair partnership with technology superstore Best Buy to include every Best Buy store in the United States. But if you have a choice, is Best Buy the best place to go for Apple repairs?

As Adam Engst would tell you, there are many independent apple Authorized Service Providers located around the country that are more experienced than most Apple Geniuses.

So, should you go to Best Buy for a repair of your Apple device? Only as your last resort. Look for and support the locally owned independent Apple Authorized Service Provider.

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ZDNet had a similar article today, and it wasn’t too complementary towards using Best Buy, and only in very limited circumstances. They interviewed Best Buy and found out that they do have a repair facility for more complicated repairs (the ones that require mailing out and loosing your device for 2 - 4 weeks) but it’s located in Kentucky.

Indeed! Through our TidBITS Content Network service, I’ve met a lot of independent Apple resellers, service providers, and consultants, and their experience and skills are generally much higher than Apple Geniuses who might have been in the job for a year or two. In fact, some of them younger ones got their starts as Apple Geniuses and then struck out on their own.