Apple Expands Arcade with Classic Games

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The Apple Arcade subscription game service is struggling to catch on, so Apple is adding a slew of classic board games and App Store hits to lure in subscribers.

I’m personally amazed at the gems I found in Apple Arcade. The games I liked are different from the ones my daughters liked, and certainly, not all Apple Arcade games are great (some are even bad), but for the price, I’m more than satisfied. It’s a bargain and I’m surprised it has not attracted more attention.

Even reading books is fun with Dear, Reader (a real-book reading game on Apple Arcade). Some games have been hits for my kids, and there’s lot in there for my own taste… plus a mix of family games we can play together. I’m never worried trying a game given I don’t pay extras for it. I also strongly enjoy the absence of In-app purchases (or ads). Thank you Apple. In my opinion, Apple Arcade deserves more praise.


Is Brian Thomas’s ‘If Monks had Macs’ available?

Not via Apple Arcade, as far as I’m aware, but the original site is still up and it is available via the Internet Archive.

Some interesting links:

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Thanks Adam. Have you ever played it?

No, I don’t play games. That’s not a policy statement; they simply don’t compete for my attention with nearly anything else. :slight_smile: