Apple Expands Apple Pencil Lineup with USB-C Model

Originally published at: Apple Expands Apple Pencil Lineup with USB-C Model - TidBITS

Apple has unveiled a third—but not the third-generation—Apple Pencil. The new USB-C Apple Pencil is cheaper than the previous models and features USB-C charging but lacks pressure sensitivity.

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The crux of the question comes down to whether pressure sensitivity is worth $50.

But that’s not the only difference, there is also the wireless charging, and that’s what makes the 2nd gen pencil perfect IMHO. It is simply always charged, never unpleasantly surprised by an empty pencil! To me, that alone is worth the extra $50.
And then, as a ‘free’ bonus, there’s the option to have your name engraved on it. :slight_smile:

After getting my name engraved on my original iPad, I’ve always opted out of it because it makes the item more difficult to give away or sell.


Yep, just forgot about that—fixed. My recollection was that the Apple Pencil held its charge well such that charging manually wasn’t that big of a deal, but as someone who never really used it, my experiences aren’t typical.

Definitely willing to spend the extra money for the wireless charging. Charges quickly and is very convenient. Finally a new Apple product that I’m not tempted to buy…

I agree. I don’t have my iPads and iPhones engraved either, because I pass those on when I upgrade to a new one. But I see the pencil as an accessory that I will reuse on a next iPad (assuming it survives that long), so I feel having my name on it is rather cool :sunglasses:

This will be a big seller, not everyone is an artist, the pressure sensitivity may attract the image editors but for most folks, it’s about handwriting and quickly tapping around.

I’ve seen emails engraved on the pencil, mobile numbers too, I guess good if you lose them, given the price of them.

I love the Pencil but I don’t use it every day. My daughter does, it’s the first thing she reaches for when she picks up her iPad.

I use the Apple Pencil for highlighting text, like in a PDF.
This is how I prep for my YouTube show where I am often going through a scholarly article or book.

Useful feature for students studying as well I would think.

And now available…