Apple Embeds Easter Egg in iPhone 11 Event Supercut Video

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Take a few minutes to watch Apple’s 2-minute supercut video of the iPhone 11 announcement event and you’ll get the opportunity to see an Easter egg message from Apple.

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Did you catch the frame with the dog (doing a slowfi?) at 0:09?

I see something there, but I can’t seem to get YouTube to pause on that frame.

And I really, really hope that “slofie” doesn’t catch on (either technically or linguistically). :slight_smile:

I got lucky to have it as a keyframe in the slider, and was eventually able to get it in the player.

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Now on Friday night I’ve just seen a full 30 second iPhone ad on Discovery channel with that dog and the cameras.

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Hah! Makes sense that they’d take that from some other professionally produced video they had.

Given the median age of TidBITS Talkers, anyone remember this ad campaign for Maxell cassette tapes, shot the year before 1984?

It ran for a few years, and were my clients at the time.

Unfortunately it probably will. :rage:

Oh, yeah, that is a classic! I like the wine glass slowly moving toward the optimum position for his hand.

Oh yeah! The return of the Apple easter egg. Hope this is the start a trend.