Apple Discontinues the iMac Pro

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Just over three years since its introduction, Apple has quietly discontinued the iMac Pro. You can buy one while supplies last, but the performance of Apple silicon makes that a questionable investment.

Another entry in the long-wished-for Apple products that were discontinued before I could afford them.

Just ordered on last summer for one of my faculty. He decided to finally open the box and deploy last month! Boy, is he going to be mad. But I wonder if Apple is just going to take the best of the iMacPro and merge it into the next iteration: M1/M2 iMac, along with leftover Intel iMac/iMacPros till the inventory is gone. They have to support these models for 7 years (longer for parts in California) and now with new EU repair policy, for EU.
Wishing still for a MacPro Mini/midsize with a slot for GPU card, two SSDs, expandable RAM and enough ports to not need a hydra of hubs or T-bolt expansion units…

Never mind the MacPro Mini/size. What I want is an Apple silicon card to slot into an existing Mac Pro. That would be Real Expandability.


I really don’t think that is ever going to happen. With Apple Silicon the movement is toward a completely integrated SOC with everything on a single board.

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Looks like Apple is clearing the decks in preparation for an iMac redesign. First the iMac Pro, and now some of the configurations of the 21.5-inch iMac (probably those that people buy most frequently).