Apple Clarifies Lossless Audio Support Details

Originally published at: Apple Clarifies Lossless Audio Support Details - TidBITS

Apple has published a support article offering clarity on how lossless audio will work with your devices.

Wow, this is truly an Apple first. They have released “software” that their own current hardware can’t even handle.

Granted, I don’t know who needs to listen at 96 KHz. But still, this is a philosophical departure. “Go buy your own hardware from somebody to get the best experience!”

Lots of people have been using outboard DACs connected to Apple’s digital dig-out of the time, with the DAC connected to their stereo, since at least when iTunes was introduced and downloads/CD ripping became possible. 2001, right?

Yes, but it was generally not necessary to roll your own to get Apple’s quality level. That’s why AirTunes came out early. They didn’t want you using a wire. They felt the best experience was going wireless (AND having great sounding audio).

A bunch of us musicians have used A/D and D/A converters for many years to record and mix with GarageBand. But that was clearly encroaching territory that was out of scope to Apple.

But music :musical_note: payback quality has been one of Apple’s purported core competencies.

My guess is that soon their AppleTV and headset lineup will all support lossless, somehow. But they felt strong enough competition now that they couldn’t hold up releasing the music until the hardware was all ready.

I don’t know if these middle-aged eardrums can fully detect all the nuances but I finally got around to checking out lossless (not that pushed) and spatial audio / Dolby Atmos (very much into) off Apple Music on my iMac and a DragonFly Red DAC/Sony Studio headphones combo. And I did have a very good time.