Apple Claims Bent iPad Pros Are Totally Normal

(Josh Centers) #1

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Some new iPad Pros are coming with a slight bend in the case. Apple insists that the bend is totally normal and nothing to worry about. If you end up with such a unit, we recommend returning it immediately.

(iweir) #2

Apple is bent.

(Jack Clay) #3

Totally normal! :wink:

Jack Clay

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Samsung recently debuted a folding phone. Maybe bending is “one more thing?”

(Simon) #5

Riccio claims Apple’s “tight” manufacturing tolerance is 400 microns. Well judging by Josh’s picture and others I’ve seen on the web (eg. the one attached), that looks to me like a whole lot more than 0.4 mm.

(Domtoren) #6

The iPad is 5.9 mm thin, judging by the picture that is nearly 2 mm bend.