Apple Card Now Available to All US iPhone Users

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After a short period of restricting the Apple Card to those who signed up for early access, Apple has now opened the Apple Card to all iPhone users in the United States. Apple said nothing about when it might become available in other countries.

I was unable to complete my application for the Apple Card because I had frozen my credit reports. They apparently check TransUnion. ―Ken

The card’s available to iPhone 6 and above users running 12.4, so not exactly “All US iPhone Users” or, “All US Customers” as Apple says. I’ve owned numerous Macs and iDevices over the years but I guess I’m still not included in “All US Customers”.

I was just approved - though with an interest rate of 18.99% (which is very high for my credit rating and debt - none), I’ll forego it for now, and try again later.

BTW: I also was unable to complete the application, due to having locked my TransUnion credit report - however that was easy to unlock, complete the application, and then re-lock – kudos to TransUnion for making that system work well. I can’t recall exactly how I signed up, but here’s the site:

I also was blocked because I have my credit records locked. After two identity theft events I locked them all
Haven’t seen the benefits yet of an Apple Card to unlock even if only for a day. But Im unlikely to spend much at Apple anyway

I have mine locked as well. You can go to TransUnion and temporarily unlock it. I did that, it was immediate and I immediately got my Apple Card. An extra five minutes. The unfreeze link is on this page:

If you get the Apple Credit Card, you have 90 days to opt out of the arbitration clause (and the end of the credit card terms). It’s very easy to do using the Messages option under the Apple Card IN THE Wallet app. For details on doing this, see this article from the Verge

I can’t understand how there’s no way to export transaction history or statements for Apple Card. No way would I consider it until this is offered (if ever). I don’t mind managing everything on my phone, but absolutely want to be able to export the data for analysis or record keeping.

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Pretty shocking that they’d reject someone with a credit score over 800. Congratulations?

I’ve added a bit about opting out of arbitration, which I strongly recommend.


I was an early adopter of the Apple Card and I’ve enjoyed using it online and at local retailers (mobile version). Today, I received the physical card and had trouble activating it even though I have an iPhone XR. However, one can go to the Apple Card in the Wallet app and activate via the Wallet. This page explains various methods of activating the card:

The trick for quick activation of the physical Apple credit card is to leave it in the the little folder that it comes in while you bring phone close to the package. If you have already taken the card out, just slide it back in.

In order to slickly activate the card, you must have it in the folder.

In order to slickly activate the card, you must have it in the folder.

I activated mine just fine with it out of the package. It just took a few seconds of bringing the phone close to the package and then it came up and said it was done.

I used the physical card twice today and both places it received positive comments. :)

I have really good news: I received a call from a nice lady at Goldman Sachs a short while ago asking me to reapply for the card. I did so and was approved. I asked if her call was related to my e-mail to Tim Cook and she hinted that Apple had asked Goldman to re-look at my situation. All is well. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I tried several times to activate it with card still in the little folder. For some reason the NFC just didn’t work. Would have been fun to do it that way. Nevertheless, I was able to get it activated by going to the Wallet App. Only after I had successfully activated the card via the Wallet App, did I take it out of its nifty folder. Can’t wait to try out the physical card tomorrow, although I do enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay.

I’ve updated the article to mention Apple’s advice to keep the Apple Card away from other cards, denim, and…leather. I guess you should only store your Apple Card in a vegan wallet.

I applied for the card yesterday and it was approved in a minute or so. I have all three credit rating company accounts locked, but unlocked TransUnion for the application - and then locked it again after the card was approved. What is odd is that later that day I got a notification from TransUnion saying that Goldman had checked my account and was blocked. It seems like they ran the credit check a second time - probably a mistake. They haven’t told me I have been rejected yet!



You’re storing it wrong.

Axios has some interesting back-end details about the Apple Card.

Looks like it will cost merchants more to accept than many other cards, not that they get a choice.

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I am intrigued, I must say, that Apple consider leather a “fabric”.