Apple Card and Apple Cash rewards

On Tuesday last week, without warning, my Apple Cash became “restricted”. Escalating a ticket with Apple Cash resulted in a “final decision to close my account” - no reason could be given. Since its restriction, my Apple Card rewards have not been posting. Apple Card reported that “since the last update, we’ve been restricted posting daily rewards”. They say I now need to contact them to have them given a statement credit.

Has anyone experienced Apple Cash being restricted suddenly, or Apple Card reporting they can no longer post daily rewards?

Have you been talking with Apple or Goldman Sachs about this?

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Yes - Talked with Apple Cash support (I assume that is Apple?) and Goldman Sachs… Goldman was the one that told me they can no longer post rewards.

Have you checked your credit report? Sounds like someone could be accessing your account without your knowledge.

Great idea. Just checked and nothing I can see.

Does anything think the lack of transparency is a problem?? And the inability to escalate for review??

This page might have useful information.

Thanks - that is exactly what I followed… To no resolution…

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Tough situation. All I can suggest is to keep on both Apple support and Goldman Sachs and try to escalate to higher level support.

I think Apple is messing with the way it processes Daily Cash. I can’t offer a suggestion on Kevin’s problem, but I had a different Daily Cash problem last week.

I don’t have an Apple Cash account. Until the last few months it was no problem to apply Daily Cash to the AppleCard balance. I forget when, but in the last few months I couldn’t find a way to do it. All the instructions were for funneling Daily Cash through Apple Cash. Since I don’t have a use case for an Apple Cash account, I resented this. Also the instructions on Daily Cash seemed to say Daily Cash could be applied directly to the AppleCard balance (but didn’t say how).

So last week I called the number given for support. I am not sure if I was talking to Apple or Goldman Sachs. Anyway, the rep said that the ability to apply Daily Cash to the card balance was dropped in the last ios update, but it could still be done. How? By calling a rep. But unfortunately the system was down; call back later or better tomorrow. I didn’t get back to calling for a couple of days, but when I was about to I discovered that the ability for direct transfer to the AppleCard was restored.

Apple may have decided a mistake was made dropping direct transfer of Daily Cash and corrected it. But it seems correcting code so often messes with other code. It doesn’t really help, but it’s possible this is a bug inadvertantly introduced into Apple Cash transfers.

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Or it was just a system glitch and some uninformed customer support rep assumed the feature was dropped.

This wouldn’t be the first time (not by a long shot) where customer support people just chose to make stuff up rather than do their job.