Apple Announces “Hi, Speed” Event for 13 October 2020

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What wonders await us at Apple’s next big event? New iPhones? Macs with Apple silicon? A HomePod that doubles as a flying security drone? Find out with us!

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Press reports say four iPhone 12 models with at least some of them supporting 5G.

I’m quite excited about this event. If all goes well, my wife and I will be ordering two new iPhone 12" minis. Should be a worthy successor to the SEs we got in 2019 form Apple’s clearance store right before they stopped shipping them altogether. Looking forward to a compact but still high-end iPhone. I don’t care about more lenses, AR, or mm wave right now, so the 12 mini seems like it should be exactly what I’ve been begging for for a couple years.

I am also hoping the mention of ‘speed’ on the invite teases the first AS Mac, but unfortunately, I believe it really just alludes to 5G (and possibly the new iPhone 12’s A14) .

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All the reports I’ve seen seem to agree that all new iPhones will support 5G. It’s mm wave vs. sub-6 GHz 5G that’s being debated with some reports saying that only the 12 Pro Max (still can’t get over that name) would come with mm wave, while the other iPhone 12s supporting just sub-6 GHz 5G.

Since mm wave is still hard to find (and easy to lose due to range and issues of obstruction indoors), I’d be perfectly OK getting sub-6 GHz only. I guess in countries where mm wave is much farther along (China, Korea?) customers might see this differently. Also, I would assume there’s presently still quite a power/size penalty related to mm wave chipset and special antenna so it could make sense to only include it on a physically large phone with ample battery at this point. But that’s of course just my speculation.

Latest rumors say the two 6.1" models ship first (Oct 23), while the mini/Max won’t ship until Nov 13/20. Those of us looking for 128 GB will have to go for the middle model on the non-Pro 12s. No 1 TB option on the Pros. Supposedly only US models with come with support for mm wave 5G. Some magnetic case charger thingy by the name of “MagSafe” is also being rumored.

The “real” Mag Safe connector saved the life of MacBook Pro a few times, and I wish that Apple would bring it back to life.

Just finished watching it - so boring it was hard to stay awake!
Home Pod Mini
iPhone 12 & iPhone Mini come in 5 colors: black, white, red, white & green; A14 Bionic chip. Prices start at $699 for Mini, $799 for 12.
iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max four colors: silver, gold, graphite, “Pacific Blue” Prices start at $979 for Pro, $1077 for Max

Looks like the line-up is iPhone SE, iPhone 10r, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 & Mini, iPhone 12 Pro & Max

Oh, no iPad Mini which is what I’m interested in.

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