Apple Announces “California Streaming” Event for 14 September 2021

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Apple’s next product announcement event will be held 14 September 2021. Rumors suggest new iPhones with smaller notches and a redesigned Apple Watch.

I really hope they make a larger iMac with the M# processor. And as for the rumormills on the watch… I am all for a larger battery.
Still, anyone else think 13 unlucky version?

I’m hoping for a new MacBook Pro with an M2 chip, and I’m “California Dreaming” that prices for all new hardware won’t shoot into the stratosphere because of the price hikes on silicon chips.

I’m also hoping the “Streaming” refers to better, and more, streaming content. Apple’s TV+ and Arcade need more and better catalogs. Rumors of an Apple AR/VR headset that have been floating around for years. And there are also rumors about an upgraded Facebook Oculus to debut for the holiday season. If Apple is ready to rock and roll with it, they can get a leg up on holiday sales.

And one of my favorite 60/70s folk/rock bands was Pentangle, who had a virtuoso guitar duo number, “Lucky Thirteen”

Apple is doubling Apple TV+ productions.

TV+ only has a 3% market share, and this includes people who have free trial accounts::

Even tripling the number of productions won’t yield a catalogue that’s competitive enough in a supersaturated market. Disney debuted well after TV+ and they already have a 14% share. Netflix has 28%:

I am hoping for a M1 27" iMac.

It would be nice, but this is traditionally the time of year for mobile device announcements. If there are new Macs to come, I’ll expect laptop models to be announced in October or November with any new iMacs to be announced in the spring.

Of course, this is anybody’s guess and there will probably be an accelerated schedule as they rollout additional ARM-based Macs, but that’s my theory.

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An M1X Mac mini could perhaps launch alongside the new M1X 14"/16" MBPs (wouldn’t bet on it though), but the 27"+ iMac and MP aren’t expected to arrive before spring 2022.