Apple and third-party password managers

“… and automatically suggests and fills a strong, unique password when creating an account or changing a password.”

Do you think they’e starting to attack 1Password’s business?

In some respects, Apple is acting friendlier to other password managers. In IOS 12, the Passwords & Accounts Control allows you to specify an installed Password Manger app to autofill passwords in place of iCloud Keychain.

Alan Forkosh Oakland, CA


If they want to viably attack 1Password or LastPass etc they’re going to have to be open about the algorithm used to generate passwords, and ensure that they don’t leave the machine in any unencrypted (and user controlled) manner.

How did I miss this!?!

And if they let us do this, then why oh why can’t they let me specify a different email app??? Makes me so sad!

Note that at least one password manager (Dashlane) recommends turning off the autofill for any other system if you select Dashlane or there may be confusion.

I don’t think they’re attacking 1Password as much as helping the 95% of the population use passwords correctly. I use 1Password, but it can be confusing since it’s bolted into the OS. I setup one person with a password manager with the instructions “you can let this handle all your passwords, but never ever forget this password for your manager. Use a long, but easily remembered phrase.” Guess what, she forgot it.

They tightly integrated other password managers. Now, 1Password passwords are suggested when an app or webpage requests a password. I no longer have to use the extension. When I have two factor identification turned on, the texted code is suggested as an autofill in Safari.

1Password isn’t being threatened by these changes since the 5% who used it will use it for its other features. The 95% who never would use 1Password are now getting some of those built in protections.