Apple Adds AirPlay 2 to the Discontinued AirPort Express

(Josh Centers) #1

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Despite no longer offering the audio-enabled base station for sale, Apple has updated the 802.11n model of the AirPort Express to support AirPlay 2, making it a decent option for whole-house audio.

(Simon) #2

I guess the irony is that with this firmware update I realize even more what a loss it is that Apple no longer offers their inexpensive, simple, and reliable wifi-to-audio dongle. Kudos to them for issuing the firmware anyway. :+1:

(Paul Brown) #3

Immediately after I installed the firmware update, my Amoeba Airfoil now fails to connect with my AirPort Express, showing an “RTSP Forbidden Error”

(Kevin Patfield) #4

You should be able to downgrade by option-clicking on the version number after selecting the Airport Express in the main display of Airport Utility.

(Paul Brown) #5

Many thanks Kevin. We’re back to a functioning Airfoil.
If only all firmware downgrades were so easy!

(Adam Engst) #6

I’ll bet Rogue Amoeba pushes out an update soon. @paul1, any info on this situation?

(Paul Brown) #7

Yes – I contacted Rogue Amoeba at the same time I posted my comment on TidBits, and got a very prompt, courteous, and helpful reply, including a link to a Rogue Amoeba beta ‘development build’ as a likely solution, while Rogue Amoeba prepares an official update to fix the problem that the Apple firmware created.
Rather than use the Rogue Amoeba beta patch, I chose to use Kevin’s suggestion (posted above) – I downgraded my Airport Express firmware to the prior version. That solution works fine for my needs.
If anyone wants to try out the Rogue Amoeba ‘development build’, please contact them. I don’t want to post the link to their beta fix without their permission.
My thanks to both TidBits and Rogue Amoeba!

(Paul Kafasis) #8

We’ve just shipped Airfoil for Mac 5.8.2, which includes full support for AirPort Express units running the new 7.8 (AirPlay 2) firmware, along with a heaping handful of bug fixes and improvements. Get the latest here:

(Frits Lilb�k) #9

On adding an AirPort Express to the Home app you need to configure the AirPort Express to use Airplay first - else it will not show up in Home’s accessory adding.

(barefootguru) #10

Looks like this is only for the 2nd generation of the 802.11n Express — my first gen won’t show the update.

(Al Varnell) #11

That’s correct.