App to measure charging wattage on iPhone

On the Mac, System Information shows you with what wattage the charger is charing your MacBook (it’s under Hardware > Power > AC Charger Information). But on iPhone there is no such information readily available.

I’m wondering if anybody here has good app suggestions. My App Store search skills are garbage (I’m assuming it’s me, not that App Store search is actually broken) and all I could find one was one usable app.

The app appears to work, but it relies on measuring charge increase vs time and deducing from that the charging wattage. That’s fine in principle, but it’s slow. Measuring that my 12 mini was charging at 5W took the app more than 10 min. Does anybody know of something better? I realize there’s dedicated hardware to do this and that’s of course great, but I’m looking specifically for software so I could check this on the road when I don’t have with me my little USB meter.

I’m not entirely sure if it does what you want, but I’d look at coconutBattery.

Perhaps I’m just being silly, but I cannot get the App Store to show me Coconut Battery on the iPhone. :open_mouth:

That’s because it’s a Mac app that can report on connected iOS and iPadOS devices.

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Yeah, I need something the runs on an iPhone alone.