App to Interrupt Sitting Every 30 Minutes

Apparently interrupting sitting by moving for at least 3 minutes—taking as few as 15 steps—every half-hour can measurably improve metabolic and heart health.

Does anyone know of an app that triggers an alarm after 30 minutes of inactivity?

Apple Watch will auto nag you at 10 minutes to the hour if you haven’t moved…but that’s only hourly. You could set a repeating half hour alarm or timer but would need to reset every half hour…easy to do with Apple Watch if timer is one of your complications.

Try searching for “sitting reminder” in the app store. There are several apps that claim to do what you want.

I looked at several apps - I liked BreakTime.

Others include 1Focus, iRelax, Freedom, Take A Break Please, Awareness, Time Out.

I’ve used Time Out but find it can be a bit of nag - which I need lol. Allows you to configure it, too.