AOL/Verizon mail issues

I’ve got what used to be a Verizon, now AOL email account that I look at with standard Apple mail clients on an iMac (10.15.7), macBook Pro (13.2.1) and iPhone SE (16.3.1). Sometimes mail works just fine. Increasingly, other times I get a note in connection doctor on the macs that reads.
2.64 NO [LIMIT] AUTHENTICATE Rate limit hit.
When I get this, I get an info triangle beside my Inbox on my macs and an error on my iPhone. To fix, tried the following:
1 - closing and restarting mail.
2 - rebooting and restarting mail
3 - deleting some older emails (have about 39,000 emails in over 100 folders)
4 - deleting and recreating the AOL account on my mac.
5 - spoke to both AOL and Apple. Each says talk to the other.

Anyone else seen this and if so, any fix? My wife uses the same machines with a different login and AOL account and has not had such a problem. She only has about 24k emails in fewer folders.

Thanks for any light that can be shed on this.