Anyone tried Duplicacy for backup?

I just saw some PR for a backup app I hadn’t previous heard of, called Duplicacy. It claims to be able to back up to many cloud services along with local and network drives. Anyone tried it?

I’ll try to take a look once everyone is set up for potentially working from home. But I have to admit to having chosen an expedient ‘solution’ that wouldn’t work for most people and that I’d never recommend.

Meanwhile, I have no idea why that Arq post showed up. I think I sent it a long long time ago, over a year ago from the dates on the rest of the discussion, but it’s now archived at home and I can’t easily check. It’s possible that it was lying around in Drafts and got triggered, but then it should have ended up in Sent. If it was in Drafts, it’s presumably still in need of work…

That’s my fault, sorry! I was searching to see if I could mention Duplicacy in an existing thread, and I ran across the two Arq thread and thought they’d be better put together, but I didn’t realize that would trigger another notification. I have to look into how Discourse handles notifications related to moving posts.

Thanks for the explanation. I can now absolve the cats of this one, though I’m pretty sure they’ve been buying extra cat hair on ebay to scatter around the house and stuff into the computer air intakes.

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