Anyone receive/use new iMac? Thoughts?

Although I don’t see myself buying, for me that is, a new imac, I wonder if anyone has received theirs and how their impressions are? Did you have a previous 21.5" that you replaced? Or was it a larger, older model? Would you recommend to someone that has, say, a 27" iMac (2011) but really needs that larger screen for having two full pages open, side by side?
I may need to order a few to replace desktops for my users, that currently have older generation (2015~) iMacs, but I am cautious since Apple hasn’t mentioned an iMacPro replacement, nor 27" screen model.
Also, still not happy about their Magic Mouse, as I get lots of negative feedback from my users on this poorly thought out model: you can’t use it while its charging! I spend extra budget on logitech or MS blue tooth mice (which you can use, while they are charging).
Do you feel Apple didn’t provide enough ports? Did you need to buy anything else, to use the new imac? How about height/viewing/glare? And what color did you get and how is the finish?