Anybody Know What Time It Is in Catalina?

I’ve just noticed that the only machine I have running the latest non-beta Catalina, an extra MBP, had its time set about 4 minutes ahead of the actual time, almost as if it wasn’t using NTP at all. Checked the “Date & Time” System Preferences, and indeed “Set date and time automatically” was correctly set and checked. It wasn’t until I unchecked and rechecked it that the system clock jumped back to the correct time. Anyone else seeing a wrong time or a time drift?

I have not seen any such issues with on my new MBP running Catalina. I do distinctly remember running into an issue like that on either my 2012 Mac mini (Mojave) or my 2010 MBP (HS). I remember that out of the blue I discovered time was off by two minutes or so. Did what you did, unticked and then again ticked the ‘set date automatically’ checkbox. That ‘fixed’ it. Do not recall ever seeing it happen again after that.

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After a week on my new iMac running Catalina, I’m not seeing the issue. Not to say the issue doesn’t exist, of course. Wondering if this happened right after you updated from an earlier iteration of Catalina?