Anybody experiencing trackpad cursor freezing since updating to macOS 11.3

I think there might be a problem with my trackpad and cursor movements. I’ve been experiencing temporary mouse freezes of 10-20 seconds the last few days on my late 2103 Macbook Pro. I suppose it’s possible it’s due to the 11.3 upgrade. Anybody else seeing anything like that?

I’m trying to use the Bluetooth mouse right now to see if it freezes even with that. When I had my keyboard replaced last year I didn’t have the trackpad replaced.

I really want this MBP to live until the next MacBook Pros come out when I plan to upgrade after 8 years.

I just experienced one of those brief cursor freezes using the mouse, so it’s not the trackpad. Maybe a bug in 11.3. Or an incompatibility with some loaded software in 11.3. Or maybe a first indication that my MBP is dying.

Anybody else experience this?

Yes. In my case, it preceded macOS 11.3. Regular, and yet not commonly. Maybe once every 2–3 months. Then it happened yesterday.

I think I mentioned in previous thread, but can’t remember.

It seems to be happening every hour or so. The freeze lasts for 10 or 20 seconds.

I would immediately point my finger at BT. But you did mention you also experienced the freeze using the built-in trackpad, right?

If so, it’s not BT because the trackpad is internally a USB device. Try logging on as a vanilla user and see if it does it there too to rule out one of your prefs or running apps. If you see it freeze there too though, repeat that test but this time in safe mode (boot holding shift) to see if it’s a third-party extension conflict. If it still shows up there, run AHT (or whatever it’s called these days). Boot holding d (as in diagnostics, incidentally also because it used to come on CDs and d booted from CD/DVD) on Intel Macs such as yours. And if that still checks out OK, you could try re-installing 11.3 using the combo installer from Apple (assuming you previously used the delta installer like most of us).

I don’t want to jinx it, but since restarting (power down and up) the cursor hasn’t frozen yet. I also chose not to automatically reopen all the apps that were open, so it might be in there. Or it still might freeze. What’s interesting though is that I found out how much I like using the mouse with the MBP which surprises me, since I also like the trackpad. Maybe the “travel” is better or something. Anyway, I’ll see if it freezes today.