Any way to stop photos taken in iMessage from being added to camera roll?

If I take a photo I want to keep for myself I do it from the camera app. But when I take a quick snap of something in iMessage to send to somebody it’s usually not something I need to keep for myself. Is there any setting somewhere that would stop those iMessage shots from getting auto added to my camera roll?

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I believe that there was once such an option. There no longer is as of iOS 15.x.

One thing that’s different from photos taken with the camera app is that photos taken from the Messages app don’t have the name IMG_xxxxx.xxxx, so one thing that you could do (if you sync with Mac photos app, especially if you use iCloud Photo Library) is create a smart album on the Mac for filename does not include IMG and that will be one way to find those photos and quickly select and delete them.

(These photos also have no location metadata; it would be nice if you could create a smart album for photos without a location, but I don’t believe that you can do that.)

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I found the answer here:

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Unfortunately, I think that only stops photos that people send to you from appearing in Photos. That doesn’t stop photos that you snap while you are composing messages to send to others from appearing in your photos / camera roll.

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