Any Interest in Apple Arcade?

I was wondering if some of you might have an interest in a (short) semi-regular feature on Apple Arcade games?

As you might remember, we used to do weekly game reviews (FunBITS) a few years ago, but we stopped after the 2015 reader survey showed little interest in them. But I’m thinking with gaming being an actual Apple service now, and a cheap one at that, there might be reader interest in it. Especially since there’s no obnoxious in-app purchases or other tricks.

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I was wondering if some of you might have an interest in a (short) semi-regular feature on Apple Arcade games?

This would be a great idea. I was already dreading the thought of having to download 100+ games just to check them out (especially since many games are 1GB or more in size).

Reviews that give me an idea of the game play would be helpful, as I’m not interested in all types of games (i.e. none of those demoed at the iPhone event appealed to me at all — I’m much more into Tetris or Monument Valley type games).

I’m not a gamer — just a casual user, where usually the demo or starter levels are more than I need. But I like to download games just for the cool graphics and see how they’re programmed, so subscribing to Arcade seems like a no-brainer to me, though it would be nice if I find a few games I actually like to play regularly.

I also like the idea that the games will be playable on AppleTV, though I’m curious about the playability and if it’s worth getting a controller.

Yeah, sure. I’d be interested.

For iPhone gaming I’m most interested in something as simple as Tetris or maybe something like Mario Cart. On the Mac, however, I’m just right now getting acquainted with the thought that once I go Catalina, I’ll be left without a single working version of Civilization. Yikes. :frowning: And what I read about the 64-but compatible Civ 5 on the MAS doesn’t exactly sound encouraging.

If you’re interested in Apple Arcade, I think a controller is very much worth it. An article about iOS 13 game controllers might be a nice way to kick off the series.

Good news: Mario Kart is coming to iOS!

I would be interested as well and think starting off with an article about controllers would be ideal.

At 68 I may not fit the typical gaming demographic but the games I mostly lean toward are puzzles that challenge me and exercise my brain. Mind you, now that I see Mario Kart is coming to iOS my gaming preferences will widen somewhat.

Sorry Josh, I’m not a gamer.

Here’s another vote for puzzle game reviews, overviews, or even lists of which games are like that, especially games that are (mostly) untimed. Outright logic puzzles such as the horrendously addicting Everett Kaser ones, and fancier ones like World of Goo, Botanicula, The Room, Witness all hit that itchy spot.

No interest.

Mario Kart Tour is out for iOS, but I unfortunately can’t recommend it. Nintendo has loaded it with in-app purchases, including a $4.99 monthly subscription for additional features, which is absurd in a world where Apple Arcade is the same price.