Any "gotchas" to look out for, when updating iPhone from iOS 13 to 15?

I’m about to do a long-postponed update of my iPhone SE (1st gen) from iOS 13 to iOS 15.

Normally, I’d review the latest iPhone Missing Manual book for iOS 15, looking for any “gotchas”, new features to try out (or beware of), and privacy suggestions; but apparently David Pogue and his team stopped publishing them after iOS 13.

Any major warnings or recommendations – particularly about iOS 15-specfiic settings which improve (or compromise) privacy? I’m comfortable down in the bowels of the Settings App. Thank you in advance!

PS. I looked around for a replacement for the Missing Manual books, but have had no luck – particularly for someone who’s familiar with iOS and the iPhone. Does such a beast still exist? (Perhaps a website that fills this purpose?)

Our fearless leaders, Adam and Tonya Engst, founded Take Control book publishing decades ago. Adam put the company in the expert hands of Joe Kissell years ago, who has been doing a great job with them. He also contributes to this list and TidBITS from time to time. He’s got an iOS and iPad OS 15 book that I’ll bet will be very informative and helpful:


Just what I was looking for – thanks for the pointer.

Just did an initial skim of the iOS and iPadOS 15 book – nicely distilled list of significant changes (much more distilled than the Missing Manual books), but not abbreviated to the point of being a checklist of what changed, and that’s it.

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