Antidote - writer's aid

Who has experience using Antidote? It seems like it has been around a long time but I’d never heard of it until Ulysses announced their integration with it:

Here’s the product website. $130 and no trial version. It’s also not clear if it requires an Internet connection to use it.

I emailed them a few weeks ago and asked them if they had a demo version.

They said no.

They emailed back about a week later and said “Look! We have a demo version almost ready for the public. Would you like to try it?”

I downloaded the demo version and it immediately crashed.

I sent them the crashlog(s) and they said they would be back in touch with a version with debugging enabled to try to see what was happening.

Unfortunately, right around that time, COVID-19 happened.

So I would suggest hanging tight for the time being, as there will most likely be a trial version made available to the public once things settle down a bit.

If you wanted to do something in the meantime, you might contact them though their website as I did. Perhaps they will make the demo available to you as well.

Fascinating. I can’t believe this is at version 10 and I’ve never even heard of it.

I keep meaning to review Grammarly, which I’ve subscribed to for a while now. It’s annoyingly helpful. Helpful because it finds mistakes like double spaces, doubled words, typos that are still words, and so on. Annoying because I’m annoyed when I make or fail to catch such mistakes. And because I disagree with it on a fair number of things that are open questions.

Grammarly is super helpful, but the app is absolute trash and makes me irrationally angry.

FWIW - I’ve never heard of Antidote either.

I never use the Grammarly app because, as you say, it’s worthless. I can’t see how you’d integrate it into any kind of a workflow.

All our writing for TidBITS is done in Google Docs, where Grammarly’s Chrome extension sort of works, so you can see corrections it suggests inline as red underlines, but you can’t open open the Grammarly window to see everything.

I also think it misses stuff in Google Docs, and I say that because after we’re done editing an article, we always paste it into a text area in the WordPress editor, where the Chrome extension works fine. So I always take another pass through Grammarly once we’re in WordPress.

Personally, I can’t use any tool that sends the text to a server for analysis. I have the impression that Grammarly does that (?), and if Antidote does, that’s a non-starter for me. (And all of this reminds me of the late, great Thunder7 utility.)

Yes, Grammarly is an online-only tool, so it wouldn’t be acceptable for HIPPA, FERPA, or anything else that has privacy requirements. Happily, TidBITS articles are all destined to be public anyway.