Anti-Virus protection apps or none?

I gotta say there is more and more information or disinformation around regarding the necessity for AV apps for your Mac. I myself am a bit unsure on the issue. However a note in EtreCheck Pro in its brand new release contains this note:

** Probably one of the most widely misunderstood topics is computer security. First of all, remember that Apple provides multiple layers of antivirus and malware protection in the macOS operating system itself. You don’t need any 3rd party antivirus protection. When you first turned on your Mac, it was probably the most secure that it has ever been. Most suggestions posted on the internet to install software or change system settings will make your machine less secure. Many popular 3rd party security products are simply scams and give you no protection of any kind.*

*Most of the popular media headlines about security exploits do not concern your Macintosh. Do not pay attention to news media or bloggers. Trust Apple. Apple has a team of professional software engineers who specialize in system security. If your machine needs an update for security, Apple will provide it. *

The only security issue that is really a problem for Mac users is adware. Technically speaking, Adware is legal, although not ethical, and produced by actual companies, sometimes large companies. Adware uses deception and scams to trick you into installing it. Apple’s built-in security will not protect you from adware. Many popular 3rd security products also provide no protection from adware.

EtreCheck will detect, and help you disable, virtually any current or new adware. Unlike traditional security software, EtreCheck does not rely exclusively on a signature list of known adware. Instead, EtreCheck looks at the behaviour and characteristics of software on your system in order to classify it as adware or not. EtreCheck only disables adware, rendering it a harmless file. EtreCheck cannot completely remove adware. There are a handful of other software products that can effectively and completely remove adware, but they require system modifications that could make your machine slow down or crash. These other products also cannot detect brand new adware as effectively as EtreCheck. If you have any questions about software that might be adware, EtreCheck allows you to ask for help from Apple Support Communities or directly from Etresoft itself.
** Apple Support Communities*
EtreCheck was designed for use in Apple Support Communities. On Apple Support Communities, there are thousands of knowledgeable volunteers available 24/7 to help you with your Mac problems. In virtually every case, you will receive prompt, polite, and effective help on Apple Support Communities. However, this forum is publicly accessible by anyone on the internet. Not everyone is prompt, polite, knowledgeable, or honest. Etresoft is not responsible for any suggestions or procedures that could damage your machine or cause you to lose data. Before you can copy your EtreCheck report, you will have to acknowledge this and agree to the EtreCheck Terms of Use. Unfortunately, that is just the world we live in today.