Another iOS 16 problem - saving live photos as a video seems to have disappeared

I use this feature a lot. Like after dog walks to make a video of the walk from live photos. But since upgrading to iOS 16 that option seems to have vanished!

I’m on the phone with Apple Support about it now and will post an update if they have a fix to let others know.

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Apple Support was able to verify the problem with screen share, and they will be calling me back on Monday.

I got the call back from Apple. As part of their effort to confuse as many people as possible with iOS 16 they moved the feature. Instead of inside the “share” icon (the up-arrow), the save as video is now inside the “action menu” (the three dots you see in the bottom right corner after selecting live photos). That’s all it was.


Glad this is good for someone and I get why people might like it. I just wish I could permanently turn off Live Photos or at least make it more difficult to turn on. I end up with Live Photos instead of a still. Except for trying it when it first came out, I never use it. Videos yes.

You can do it (and have been able to do it for a few IOS releases). Go to Settings>Camera>Preserve Settings>LivePhotos and turn the switch on. Then open the camera app and turn Live Photos off. It should then stay off.

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I find Live Photos useful for two reasons:

  1. The one I mentioned - creating videos from things like dog walks.

  2. The main reason people probably use it - to grab the best moment from a still photo. Like maybe somebody blinked just as you were taking a photo. You can adjust it to find a better face when editing the live photo.

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But it’s too easy to accidentally turn on.

I use it a lot to create “long exposures” of creeks and waterfalls!

I’m curious how you find yourself turning it on? I turned it off when I first got the feature years ago and it’s never turned back on. In fact, I’d forgotten it’s even there!

Everything in the Camera app is far too easy to change … a stray touch is all that is needed to change something and then you have to LOOK AT THE SCREEN to know something changed and change it back. There should be a setting to lock the camera the way you want it, then a discrete control to unlock it.

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