Another Apple ID problem

I’ve never run into the issue recently reported here of my AppleID being locked. But last week I went to the AppStore to add a review of an app that was having a problem. There weren’t enough reviews for Apple to display any stats on them so I entered one and then saw that I could ‘report a problem’. I clicked on it and was taken to an Apple page in a web browser, that told me my AppleID was locked, followed by a screen notification that I could unlock my account with my iPhone, so I did so. Since then I keep getting notifications on my Mac telling me I can unlock my account, but when I go to System Settings I am signed in and all features seem to work. It happened again today, so I went through a password change and got an e-mail from Apple telling me my password had been changed. And then another notification telling me to unlock my AppleID by resetting my password! iCloud mail is working, and I can access my iCloud drive, and I am able to log in to Does anyone else get this?

My Apple ID gets locked regularly. I have found that when I unlock it with my phone, my Mac continues to display the unlock message. I now just ignore it, and after a day or so it goes away.

OK, I’ll ignore it and see what happens.