Amazon Buys Mesh-Networking Company Eero

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Amazon has purchased Eero, maker of home mesh Wi-Fi systems, long a favorite amongst techies. The move will ensure the future of Eero’s technology but has some worried about the privacy implications of all network traffic passing through Amazon hardware.

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This topic was discussed at length a while back in TidBITS Talk:

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I am in no hurry to replace AirPort Extreme basestations. I am looking at the spread of voice over IP (VOIP) as replacement for land line telephones. Most current Customer Premise Equipment does not properly share bandwidth between file transfers, screen updates, and voice. This can result in choppy or interrupted voice transmission which makes it difficult to understand others in a conversation. The underlying problem has been termed “buffer bloat”. So far, Eero appears to be the only company actively deploying newer Active Que Management technologies which help prevent large transfers from hampering VOIP. This is why Eero is my current choice for new installations.