Am I wrong to NOT want two-factor authentication?

I have a 2020 iPhoneSE, a 2017 iPad Pro, a 2017 iMac Retina with macOS 10.14.6 “Mojave” and a 2010 Mac Pro with OSX 10.6 8 “Snow Leopard” which I use for most of my serious work. (Yes, I prefer using “Snow Leopard” over all the newer macOS versions.)

I have very few apps on any of the i-devices. I use them primarily for TEXT messaging and occasional access to the internet. I have updated the iPhone and iPad to iOS 14.2.

It seems to me that two-factor authentication will turn out to be far more bother than it could be worth.

If I turn it on, then after 2 weeks I will not be able to ever turn it off.

The iMac with Mojave continually pesters me to set up two-factor authentication.

(By the way, I do not want to “upgrade” the iMac to Catalina or Big Sur because it works just fine with Mojave for the things I use it for.)

Can I continue to live without two-factor authentication, and can I turn off the pestering?

Yes to the first…don’t know to the second. Be advised that SL is no longer receiving any security updates as are the old SL apps…they still work but almost certainly have k own but unpatched security holes. If they are connected to t(e internet…you are potentially vulnerable…that’s one big reason to upgrade…if you have 32 bit apps you can’t or won’t upgrade then upgrading to Mojave will keep you safe for another year or two based on past history.

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