AirPods Alternative

I’m one of those people where Apple’s one size fits everyone, doen’st apply. Apple’s various ear things are too big for me to the point they hurt my ears after a very short time. I’m the guy who when he gets other brands immediately gets out the smallest soft insert in the box.

So any suggestions on what are my best bets for an alternative to Apple’s AirPods that might fit into my tiny ears?

For flying, working outdoors, etc… I have a Plantronics BackBeat Pro noise cancelling over the ear headphone set. Works great. But the Mickey Mouse™ look isn’t always my best look for some situations.

I have a similar lack-of-fit issue with Apple’s headphones. The regular iPhone earbuds fall out of my ears. Too small for me! I have recently picked up the Apple Watch and am considering my bluetooth headphone options for my walks and exercise. I’ll keep my over-the-ear Sonys for the studio but any pointers to neat bluetooth earbuds would be of interest.

I have used LG Tone headphones for years. Best part is I can take them out of my ears and they hang around my neck. I like the sport models the best but they have many others.

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