AirPod Pros: uneven charging, disconnections

My Airpod Pros (mid 2020) have been charging unevenly for the last month or two, and the less-charged side often just disconnects. For example, one side may be at 75% and the other is down around 25% or lower. The less-charged side is usually the same. The only fix is to recharge both.

I’ve disconnected, had the iPhone forget the connection, and reconnected. That works for a little while.

I’ve tried cleaning the inside (slight earwax has accumulated at times), but otherwise I can think of no solution. Ideas? Is it a known problem, or am I stuck with a lemon?

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Bloody annoying, isn’t it? Started happening for me too after using memory-foam tips (actually very good, if not for this issue), but even after coming back to Apple’s and cleaning both case receptacles and the AirPods contacts, it’s still happening. The only thing I do now (and suggest) is to verify that it’s charging before you leave them, i.e. you set them up to charge, then open the lid before your unlocked iPhone so that you can see both pods charging. Not great, but works for me.

A lemon? You’ve been using them for three years, and if you’re like me, multiple times per day for hours, and they’re a lemon? Maybe it’s just time to get new ones.

My current Airpod Pros 2 and my previous Airpods Pro both have this problem on occasion. I try to make sure that they’re both seated properly when I stick them in the case, but don’t always succeed.

I’ve seen this on my by now rather old Pros. Since there’s no grime or debris in there, I’m assuming it’s related to the spring-loaded contacts in the case no longer being ‘springy’ enough to make good contact at all time. I’m afraid I have no good suggestion. I’ll be getting new APPs with a USB-C port when I get the new iPhone 15 with USB-C port.