AirPlay to AppleTV via MacBook Pro not working

I’m staying in a hotel for a few days for a conference, and brought my MacBook Pro (running MacOS Ventura; v13.2) and Apple TV with me. Both are on the same Wifi network, and working properly (I can stream content on the AppleTV, and am creating this posting using my MBP), but I can’t see the Apple TV as an AirPlay device (in Control Center or Displays). When I’m at home, I have absolutely no problem connecting the 2 devices. Curious if anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this?


My guess is that the hotel WiFi has isolation on - meaning that you can’t see other devices on the same LAN. Pretty smart, really.

See for example.


I use an Apple TV box when I visit clients. I make sure we are NOT on the same WiFi network. The later generation Apple TV will then offer an ad-hoc network for my iPad to talk to the Apple TV. The trick, as I understand it, is not to be on the same network but within Bluetooth range to set up the ad-hoc network.

Interesting. I’m definitely within BlueTooth range, but on the same network. In this particular instance, there’s only one network.

Earl, thank you for that. Was not aware of this facility.

When I was testing this at my home, I had to “forget” my one network on my iPad so that it would do the ad-hoc thing. I then re-added my network once I found it worked.