AirPlay Now Available in 60+ IHG Hotels in North America

Originally published at: AirPlay Now Available in 60+ IHG Hotels in North America - TidBITS

If you stay in one of the 60+ appropriately equipped hotels on your next trip, you may be able to use AirPlay from your iPhone or iPad to share content with the big-screen TV in your room.

On a recent road trip, the rental house at our destination had a TV that did AirPlay. I found it a bit finicky to get working, requiring ensuring both the TV and iDevice were on exactly the same WiFi network (there were four with a repeater and 2.4/5 GHz variants). The hotels on the drive there and back had non-AirPlay TVs with HDMI inputs.

In some of those locations, I could just plug into one of the available HDMI ports and switch to that input on the TV. At other locations, with the same brand TV and an identical remote, the button used to switch inputs gave an error message “button not currently in use.” In those cases, I just unplugged the set-top box attached to the back of the TV from the HDMI 1 input and plugged into that (then restored things when we were done).

Playing streaming apps from my 2020 iPad Pro, I got a washed out purple version of the iPad image. To fix that, I went to Settings/Display & Brightness, clicked on the TV in the list of displays, then disabled “high dynamic range” to fix the purple image and enabled “allow display mode changes” to fix the double letterboxing.

I probably need a better HDMI cable for travel, but standard dynamic range was just fine for watching streaming apps.