Agenda 17

Originally published at: Agenda 17 - TidBITS

Brings multi-window capabilities to the date-focused note-taking app plus a new purchasing model. (Free with a $34.99 Premium subscription or $119.99 one-time Premium purchase, free update for subscribers, 71.7 MB, macOS 10.14+)

One thing to add is that if you use the Mac version, there will no longer be an install file you can download from their web site. They want you to switch to the Mac App Store for updates from this point forward. I had to delete the app and download from the MAS; no problems after that - the app opened to data just as I left it.

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My kind of app. Agenda landed a few years ago and got a lot of positive attention but it had a bit of a learning curve for a notes app, the calendar integration took me a while to incorporate. But since then it has steadily grown in features and polish. A small two person team releasing regular small updates. I’ve been a premium subscriber for a while now, will happily jump to the lifetime plan.

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