Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher 2.0.3

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The three Affinity graphic design apps fix a slew of bugs from the v2 release. ($69.99 new for each, free updates, various sizes, macOS 10.15+)

I’ve been using Affinity Photo as a replacement for my old Photoshop CS 6 install for about a year (since replacing an old MBP with a new M1 MBP) and I’ve been completely happy. There’s a non-zero learning curve, of course, but I’m pleased that Affinity didn’t just ape Photoshop, choosing instead to rethink things, mostly for the better.

My use of InDesign CS6 was always limited – mostly accepting ID files as input for web development projects – but I had a project that was a great candidate for Affinity Publisher land on my desk the very week that the Affinity V2 suite was released, so I jumped in. I know V1 had the reputation of not being a credible replacement for ID, but for my enthusiastic amateur (distinctly not professional) work I found Affinity Publisher V2 EXTREMELY impressive. It was easy to learn, stable, and seemingly quirk-free.

For a $100 one-time license fee, I think the Affinity suite is one heck of a bargain!


It is a bargain and I’m enjoying having this level of app on my iPads. Really great.


In Photo 2.0.3, if while in the Develop Persona you open ‘White Balance’ and click on the ‘Temperature Slider,’ the app may quit. Very frustrating. Affinity advises they are aware of this and are working on a fix.

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After using QuarkXPress since version 3.3, and Photoshop just as long, I was tired of being held hostage to their price inflation and subscription “options”. Although I’m now retired from the graphics industry I still dabble in projects where I need decent layout and photo help. I’ve been using the Affinity products here and there and I can say I’m completely onboard with the results I get. Goodbye to QXP and PS. And thank you to Affinity!