Aerial Brings Apple TV Screen Savers to the Mac

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Do you like the Aerial screen savers on your Apple TV? A free, open-source app brings them to your Mac’s screen as well.

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I’ve been using Aerial for a few weeks. It is gorgeous. Espcially since the savers are more varied now, including beautiful underwater scenes.

What a brilliant range of settings for the user interface.The help button giving info about the Mac’s video capabilities is also clever. A lot of work must have gone into developing these functions.
I wish the Apple TV had some of these options when displaying aerials.

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I’d never been a big fan of screen savers until I discovered Aerial. It’s mesmerizing and I never get tired of watching it.

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Hi Josh.

I’ve used Aerial for years. Love it. Really love it.

And your article helped me uncover a few features and settings I hadn’t noticed or that got added over the years. Thanks for that!

I always download and cache everything. I do it at 2K – 4K files are a bit too heavy for me to lug around town!

Take care, everyone.


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I loved the “Opus 'n Bill Brain Saver” from Delrina on my classic Macs. I wish there was a copy that runs on today’s Macs.