Adobe Is Bringing “Real Photoshop” to the iPad

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Adobe says it will bring a nearly full-featured version of Photoshop CC to the iPad in 2019. Will it be a game-changer for iPad productivity?

A big question is what, or how, Adobe is going to charge for this version. Will it be a free add on for people who have one of the CC versions or just a Photoshop subscription? Will there be a stand alone sub? Will there be a less expensive Elements version?

Whatever the pricing is, it will be a big plus for Adobe, and a reason for professionals and amateurs to add on or start a subscription to Photoshop. It will also help sell more iPads. I’ll bet there will be versions for Android too. Supposedly PS full version already runs on Surface, but aside from the commercials, I’ve personally never heard of anyone using PS on one.

I hope they have plans to port everything in the suite to iPad. It would be a great move that would build up sales for Creative Cloud as well as iPad.

The promo I saw said that it will be free for CC subscribers. There is the possibility that a separate iPad only subscription might be made available.