Adobe Cuts Service to Users in Venezuela

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Due to US sanctions against Venezuela, Adobe is cutting off service to the country, highlighting one of the pitfalls of subscription-based software.

Makes me very glad I’m running the final 6.14 version of Adobe Lightroom – final in the sense that this was the last version of Lightroom for which we could purchase the license. One’s instincts protest subscription-based software – so glad also I’m running Office 2016 & 2019, not Office 365 (subscription-based of course).

Oh yes, despite the useful warnings from Jon Gotow’s Go64 re the license based versions of Lightroom & Photoshop Elements – due no doubt to the 32-bit ancillary Adobe programs such as Adobe Application Manager which install with these – both applications run nicely under Catalina. Yay!!

Bill Stanford

How long will it be before Apple is compelled to follow suit and revoke the Apple accounts of all its users in Venezuela? And what implications will that have?

I looked into this a little more. It appears that Adobe is interpreting the Executive Order 13884 very broadly, since the language in the Executive Order fairly specifically targets only the Government of Venezuela and people who are part of it (or who are on a block list). Ars Technica notes that Microsoft is not cancelling Office 365 subscriptions in Venezuela.

If you read the Executive Order, it’s a little hard to see why Adobe took this step.

So I’d be quite surprised if Apple would take any action at this point.