Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 doesn't display

Macbook Air running Mojave 10.14.16

Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 upgraded to the latest and greatest.

It’s always worked fine. Today I went to load a PDF and it said it did. Except I couldn’t see it.

I hit F3 and Adobe was nowhere to be found. It said it was running and displaying the file I wanted, but nothing was visible.

I restarted. No change.

I shut down. No change.

I checked and there was an upgrade available. I upgraded Acrobat. No change.

It seems to be running but I can’t see anything!

Anybody have a clue? This is a new one on me…



The symptoms you describe can sometimes happen if the application remembers a previous window position that was on a display now disconnected.

Check System Preferences -> Displays for a Gather Windows button.

Thanks, but no “Gather Windows” button…

I’m not sure if I’m using the same version as you (Adobe Acrobat DC), but see if you have a Window > Tile menu—that might bring off-screen windows back.

Adam -

That did it! Thanks so much!

I don’t remember ever using that, but wow!

Thanks again!


Excellent! I’ve had to use that trick, or one like it, a number of times in different apps over the years. It’s not a common problem, but it does crop up on occasion.