Adjustable Monitor Stand Recommendations - Apple Studio Display

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So looking at the new Apple Studio Display – I feel like the $400 charge for the height-adjustable stand is more than a bit high. But the VESA-mount adapter version costs the same as the baseline. So…

Is it possible to get a decent adjustable desktop stand on which to VESA-mount the new display? Does anyone have recommendations? I don’t think my desk here would really work with an arm, but are there reasonably-priced solid adjustable VESA stands out there?



Two choices, clamp/bolt to the desk or mount to the wall. No personal knowledge of any of the brands. Lots of options on Amazon.

My objection to the Apple adjustable stand is that it doesn’t lower the display much. I prefer to have the display lower, not higher.

I have both an Ergotron wall mount and 2 Amazon Basics wall mounts that looks like the exact same thing, but much cheaper. They have been used over the years for an Apple LED Cinema display, 27" iMacs, and Dell 24" and 32" monitors.

Ergotron was the main vendor for years, and honestly was always a bit overpriced with a lack of competition.

The main thing to look for is the weight limits, and make sure what you want to use on it is covered. Then choose the amount of articulating that you want, and how you want to mount it to something (clamp, drilled holes, or wall mount).

For all the flexibility, I rarely adjust my monitors, but the arms allow the monitors to be setup how/where I want them, and ability to swing out does make accessing ports on the back much easier.

The lowest position on the adjustable height version is exactly the same as the fixed height on the non-adjustable version.

A comment earlier indicated disappointment that Apple had not provided rotation in the horizontal plane among its options. However, I have found that it is quite easy to rotate the whole base of an iMac on a desktop with no need to lift it.

To clarify – I’m actually looking for a desktop stand recommendation here, not a wall mount or a arm that attaches to the desk. My understanding is that there should be VESA stands as well as wall mounts and arms, and that there should be a stand that gives me at least as much adjustability as the Apple adjustable stand but for significantly less than $400.I just don’t know anything about the specifics of what to look for.


Would something like this stand work? Lots of similar products out there.

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That was my fear/guess judging by the pictures. Not in the market anyway but if I was I’d be tempted to get the VESA mount model and use a 3rd party mount/stand.

Note that Macworld reckon the expensive Apple stand has to be ordered with the studio. It can’t be retrofitted:

Ars Technica says now that it can be retrofitted after the fact by an Apple Authorized Service Provider for an as-yet unknown fee.

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I am considering this one, although somewhat massive.
I will attach it to my desk.

Quite OK with you.