Add "Like(s)" after numeral next to ❤

On the TidBITS Discourse site, the number of times a post has been liked is shown with a numeral to the left of the :heart: icon under the post, e.g.:


On another Discourse site I participate on, the word Like is displayed to the right of the numeral:


Is this something that could be enabled here? It’s useful as it increases the click/tap target for seeing who has liked a post, without accidentally liking or unliking the post oneself.

I’m not sure what’s going on, in fact, since according to this discussion on, the word Likes should be there. Perhaps it’s because we’re running the latest beta, since the thrust of this discussion is that they want to take the word Likes out.

It’s not a setting that can be tweaked.

Huh, interesting. Didn’t realise that, thanks for the link. I read through the first 40-odd posts, and my issue of tap target has been raised, but more-or-less dismissed. Guess I’ll just have to get used to this and be accurate with my tapping!

Be sure and tell them they are wrong to think this is desirable. especially as they are showing a light grey faded number that is spaced away from the heart so it looks like it is something else entirely.

And yeah, @jzw I feel your pain with the tap targets, but the current web-monkey zeitgeist seems to be centered around making largely non-functional UIs that are going to look very dated and silly in a year or three. I suspect it’s employment insurance, if you design things badly, you get to charge over and over to redesign them (badly). Not saying that is the motivation for Discourse, but seems to be an overall motivation among web monkeys. Make it look like it’s 2018, but make it broken. Of course, in 2019 it will still look like 2018. And in 2020 it will look dated and obsolete.

Honestly, they should allow any emoji as a reaction. This is one of Slack’s better features (even if their emojis are 3 or so versions out of date).

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There’s a plug-in for that — we’ll install it and see how it works.

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OK, give it a try — there’s an emoji button right next to the heart and number.

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/me hugs @ace

And types some more text to get over the minimum post length :smiley:

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Having had this available for a week now, I’ve found it less useful than I thought it would be, partly because the mode of interacting on a forum is different from chat. But I’ve also noticed a more significant downside: the emoji reactions don’t get counted as “likes”. I know it’s a bit childish, but I like the :heart: system and the way you get notified on a like and can see stats on them. With emojis, someone might give you a :+1:, but it doesn’t ‘count’.