Adapter to split USB-C to power and audio?

Wife wants adapter to use with with her iPhone 15Pro which allows (USB-C) charging AND a female mini-plug port (3.5mm) to then connect a male-to-male cable to the auxiliary mini-plug input port in her car.

I can’t convince her to use bluetooth earbuds or an bluetooth FM transmitter.

Any suggestions please?

Tons on Amazon.

If you do some web searches for “usbc headphone and charging adapter” (I entered these words into an Amazon search box), you’ll find many products claiming to do this, including these (no recommendations, but they appeared near the top of the search):

I saw dozens more listings. But you should read reviews to make sure it does what you want. I noticed that the first one (for example) doesn’t allow data transfer over its pass-through USB-C port (it’s charge-only).

I also don’t know which (if any) of these will support all the features of Apple EarPods (microphone, play/pause/volume buttons) over the 3.5mm jack.

On the other hand, if this is strictly for use in the car, then those limitations may not matter.

BTW, I assume that the car in question doesn’t have built-in USB audio capability? If it does, then you may be able to just use a simple A-to-C cable, much like the A-to-lightning cable I use to connect my iPod to my 2012 Honda Civic.

If the Belkin RockStar USB-C adapter is anything like their Lightning version. that’d be my choice. My son and I have the Lightning version and it’s a solid performer for use in an older car that doesn’t support Bluetooth or USB audio.

We’ve been using this one with our iPhone 15s in the car since we got them on release day. No problems whatsoever. $8.

Thanks so much for your detailed answer David! That’s really a huge help. Usually I can find whatever I need without asking anyone but this one need an expert :smiley: