Accidental marking of TidBITS Talk summary as spam

I mistakenly hit the Spam button, but quickly moved it back. Hopefully, I will still be getting your emails.

jane Sprando

Just periodically check your spam folder. If you find TidBITS mail in there, click the “not spam” button. Your mail app (or web-mail service) should correct its database (maybe after a few messages).

Thanks, David. I am using Comcast/Xfinity on my iPad and unfortunately, the Spam button is next to the Trash can. Poor planning on their part! And crooked fingers/inattention on mine!

GMail is the same, and I’ve done the same. One click usually doesn’t cause a problem (at least there).

There is a “Not spam” button that appears when you’re viewing the spam folder which you can use to alert the server to any mistakes (which happen from time to time). I use that button to correct my mistakes in order to (hopefully) not poison the spam detection logic with bad data.

I’m glad you spoke up, Jane! I actually saw the Comcast abuse message because it was flagged in our ISP-level spam filter, and when I figured out which account had generated it, I unsubscribed you from the weekly summary. I’ve put that back now. :slight_smile:

Some of these email interfaces do make it all too easy to mark legitimate mail as spam with a simple mis-click.