A strange Arc problem

I have Arc on my M2 Mac Mini and it works fine. I have all the Max features and the new sync. On my M1 MacBook Air I have no preference via cmd-t to turn on Max and I still only have the iCloud sync option. No option to turn on the new one. It seems very odd. It is running the latest version. Any thoughts? I have contact support but heard nothing back.

Hi Michael,

Can’t say this for a fact, but I believe you have to reveal Max (and opt in) on each machine you own. Here’s the procedure from TBC:

Once you do that, you should see a “Max” tab in the Arc Settings dialog.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for replying. That does not work either. This is what I see. It seems very odd.

Hmm! I’m at a loss too. Is everything else working? Do tabs sync between devices?

If it were me, I’d twiddle a bunch of settings just to see if anything made a difference, and if that didn’t work, I’d use something like AppCleaner to delete Arc and its preferences and then reinstall.

You could also ping TBC on Twitter to see if support in public got a quicker response.

Thanks Adam. I have switched the Arc I use every day to new Arc sync. I even tried logging out. I did try and do a manual removal of Arc including folders and files in ~/Library. I think the next thing to test is trying a different profile.

When I find a fix, I will update this thread.

I took @ace advice and tried AppCleaner. That did not work. Arc is doing the same thing in another user profile. Very odd.

What about from another user account on your Mac?

Sorry, when I said profile, I meant user account. I have two accounts on my Mac. The admin account and the working account. It does the same in both.

Wow. I’m out of ideas then. We’ll have to wait for Arc support to weigh in.

With reference to all the messages upthread as well.

Here’s what I see when I type Comd+T and then type the exact phrase

Arc Max

Note that I’m typing Caps/lowercase. I did this over your post, which was coincidental but does show the different response:

I expect to see “Open Max Preferences” because it’s already installed. But the fourth item in the list is the pointer to the “max” landing page on Arc.net, where you can read the instructions I screen-shotted previously.

My suggestion is to do exactly what the instructions say, and literally type the command as Caps/lowercase. After that, I’m out of ideas too.

Thanks Matt. That made no difference. It is all very odd. To be honest I am very disappointed in the lack of response from The Browser Company.

A bit of progress. I have now got Max turned on in the administrator profile and I can see the new syncing option. I can’t turn that on though.

It is still not visible in the standard user account. I have the same account setups on my Mac Mini and it works fine on that machine.

Still working on it :slight_smile:

A quick update. I tried to at them on Twitter, still no reply. Very disappointing.

Max has now shown up after the last update. The new sync is also there, but I can’t turn that on.

It is all working now. I have no idea what changed. To get the syncing to work, I pressed the turn on button. Nothing changed in the GUI. I rebooted and there it was working. All very odd.

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I’m glad it finally straightened out.

With weekly updates it’s possible that one of them addressed a quirk particular to that machine. But who knows?

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